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Ange Jeffery

Emus Dancing in Sunlight Earrings

Dinawan Wagambirra Balgargal

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Dinawan Wagambirra Balgargal illustrates the graceful movements an Emu makes while dancing, with the sun glistening on the ruffling feathers. 

Dinawan Wagambirra Balgargal is the finished product of a concept that came to me in 2019.  My original idea included the manipulation of an emu feather into a circle. In 2020/2021. I participated in the inaugural Blak Design program facilitated by the Koorie Heritage Trust that included jewellery making mentoring.  It was while working under the mentors that the idea was finished with components that complimented my original idea and encapsulated Country.

Dinawan Wagambirra Balgargal is handmade with 100% reclaimed/recycled sterling silver and ethically sourced emu feathers.  Although great care and attention to detail is given while making each pair of earrings, no two will be identical. If sterling silver isn’t your colour, gold or gold plate can be substituted for an additional fee, contact me to arrange.


Emu Feathers, Sterling Silver, 60 x 40 x 4 mm, 3 g

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